The Executive made the National Strategy to Fight Drugs (ENLCD) official on March 27th, 2012 through a Supreme Decree (D.S. # 033-2012-PCM) that appeared in Legal Rules on the oficial newspaper, El Peruano,that has the President Ollanta Humala Tasso, the Council President Oscar Valdes Dancuart and the Secretary of Internal Affairs Daniel Loazada Casapia’s rubrics.The Strategy developed by the National Commission for Development and Life Without Drugs (DEVIDA) aims to drastically and sustainable reduce illegal drug trafficking and consumption, and its negative social, political, economical, cultural and environmental effects by legalizing farmers of illegal crops.

It is based on three strategic areas relating to Integral and Sustainable Alternative Development, Prohibition and Punishment and Prevention and Rehabilitation of drug use.

In the first area it is expected to improve the economic, political, social and environmental conditions that allow the population to separate from the illegal farming of coca, to create jobs and make sustainable use of natural resources.

In the second area, the goal is to disrupt, prosecute and punish criminal organizations, thus increasing the seizure of chemicals and increase the detection and investigation of money laundering operation, as well as to provide training and equipment to the State institutions that fight drugs.

In the third area, we look forward to developing preventive and therapeutic strategies in order to generate protective areas in the community, family and school