The National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (DEVIDA, in Spanish) is a Public Implementing Body assigned to the Presidency of the Council of Secretaries, in charge of designing and managing the National Strategy to Fight Drugs and becoming part of the national counterpart for all the international help funds aimed to the fight against drugs.


It is a governing Body in charge of designing and managing the National Policy to Fight Drugs jointly and with an active participation of Public Institutions, Civil Society and International Community in order to prevent and reduce the production, consumption and illicit drug trafficking in the country.


To lead the Fight against Drugs, acknowledge nationwide and worldwide and to jointly interact with Public Institutions, the Private Sector, the International Cooperation, the Civil Society and other interested groups.


To design the National Policy to Fight Illicit Drug Trafficking and Consumption in every sector, promoting the integral and sustainable development in the coca areas of the country, in coordination with the concerned Sectors and taking into account the actual Sector Policies as well as to lead its implementing process.
To create the Programs that make up the National Strategy to Fight Drugs alongside the Government entities that participate in this Strategy implementation. To coordinate the design, elaboration and assessment of the Programs’ annual operating plans.
To lead and coordinate the annual Operating Plans’ monitoring process, promoting, as it may apply, the use of the necessary corrective measures in order to achieve the expected objectives.
To conduct the assessment process of the annual Operating Plans’ results and its incidence in the implementation of the Programs that make up the National Strategy to Fight Drugs.
To support the development of the Regional and Local Governments’ abilities to Fight Drugs.
To manage the budget for the implementation of the Operating Plans in compliance with the regulations in force.
To promote private investment for the implementation of activities and projects for public and private investment contained in the Operating Plans.
In accordance with the Office of Foreign Affairs, to convene, coordinate and negotiate with the International Community the support that Peru needs in order to implement the National Strategy to Fight Drugs.
To coordinate Peru’s foreign policy actions in regard with the worldwide drug issue with the Office of Foreign Affairs as far as its concerns go.
To provide assistance in areas affected by the eradication of coca by distributing supplies and goods as needed for the development of immediate support activities.
To develop and implement public investment activities, programs and projects under the National Strategy to Fight Drugs considering human rights, gender and multiculturalism approaches.
To monitor and verify compliance with activities, products and project set goals for the corresponding public investments handled by the Entity and those whose goals contribute to the achievement of the Multisectoral Policy Against Drugs.
The other functions that assigned by law.

Source: D.S. # 047-2014-PCM (spanish)